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Cousin [31 May 2008|10:25pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Cousin Jet is a great cousin. He's da best.

He's funny, and kind, even though he teases us, and he's really nice.

He calls us Master Chiara and Doctor Pippa.

He's cool. We're lucky to have a cousin our age, and who we're close to.

He wants to start his own blog, and he asked us if we had one. So, he might read this post and hopefully none of the other embarrassing (if any) posts that we have on our LJ.

Hi Jet, if you're reading this! hehehe

(Sorry for the short post, can't think of anything else to say about Jet except... childhood memories *evil laughs*) [Hehe, kidding Jet]

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[17 Jul 2005|11:38am]

Read HBP- and we finally got lucky with something Harry Potter related!

The bookstore opened at seven, so we went there at six thirty, but we arrived there seventh... they said they'd give collectible bookmarks to the first 5 people, so we felt a bit bad that we just missed out. Anyway, we got our copy, and then Guy #6 came up to us, asked if we were 7th, we said yes, and he showed us a bookmark and said that we could still claim ours. So we did. :D :D Yay! And then our friends (who came 20th) asked if they could get bookmarks too, but the store said they were only giving out to the first five, only there were two extras for number 6 and 7. We got lucky! Yay!

Even though it wasn't a midnight party or anything, it was great how people were being so nice to each other under the banner of Harry Potter love, hehehe.

We finished reading the book in about 13 hours, including breaks, and we were reading throughout our three hour physiology class and four hour phch27 class, hehe.


Harry Potter thoughtsCollapse )

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[14 Jul 2005|05:11pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Thanks to everyone who commented. :D We don't usually get comments, hehe, and it makes us feel loved and missed from the internet world... we're living in the bummer Real World now, hehe.

This week... hmm... did we mention that Kimi placed third in the last Grand Prix? Not bad, because he started 12th, hehe.

We have been so loaded with Pharmacognosy assignments- we spend two days writing them out and researching (because it has to be handwritten) but each assignment is about four or five pages, and it's only equivalent to ten or twenty points!!! We work so hard for nothing, really... grr.

And then we had an exam in physiology on Wednesday, which we only studied for tuesday night because we had our pharmacognosy and other assignments to do... and as a result, we weren't able to study for our pharmacognosy exams (practical and written) on wednesday... probably botched up the pcog. :( no one else was able to study either, we've all been so busy!

On wednesday we also did some synthesis for our pharmaceutical chemistry 27 class... Chiara's went okay (finally, after having to rewrite practically the whole paper!) and Pippa's didn't... hehe. Our college had no bloody Zinc Chloride, which Pippa needed in their synthesis, so they had to make that too, so they didn't get much done since they didn't know they would have to make. The teachers understood though, and they said that her kind of thinking is the kind needed in synthesis- seeing problems and finding ways to get around them. :D

We have to go... still have class to get to... *sigh* All the teachers give us make-up class! geez... well, only two days to go, HBP comes out day after tomorrow. *excited*

Haven't been able to keep up with Dramione... *sad*

Must go. Bye!

And to those who asked when we'd get a break... in October, hehe. That's when things will ease up, if we live through our finals.

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